WP 3

Overall Objectives:

Develop the methodology of UQ towards industrial readiness, based on the following steps:

- A new type of database, formed by a hierarchy of test cases with prescribed uncertainties, from basic to industrial of increased complexity, including Industrial Challenges, submitted by the industrial partners

- Set up the basis for a UQ validation database. Apply and assess the methods developed in WP2, in view of the quantitative objectives relevant to a TRL5-6 objective.

- A specific focus on the issues of UQ methods for multidisciplinary applications


Task 3.1: Specification of test cases, from basic to industrial challenge level, including multi-physics, with preset uncertainties to establish an innovative database for UQ validations

Task 3.2: Application of methods of WP2 to the selected test cases.

Task 3.3: Efficient UQ methods for multidisciplinary applications